Benchmarking Platform

Effortless Navigation
Browse the data you want quickly and easily by navigating categories, topics, and series.
Effective Peer Comparisons
Easily add comparison entities for analysis and save them using Cluster Builder. Discover new comparison entities using your own criteria with Study Builder.
Intuitive Context
View data in context against time or comparison entities with easy-to-use visualization tools. Customize your own reports and analysis using Report Builder.

Insight for Higher Education

With Public Insight, users can transform complex higher education data (like data from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System or IPEDS) into insight using an easy-to-use web platform.

Users can quickly and easily navigate the data, create peer comparisons and benchmarks, and add context to what are traditionally complicated data sources.
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Insight for K-12 Public Schools

Public Insight allows K-12 stakeholders to explore demographic, enrollment and performance data trends for school districts over the last decade.

Users can learn more about their district’s internal metrics while revealing opportunities to increase efficiency and performance. As an additional benefit, users can benchmark and compare districts to discover effective methods of success.
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